Why choose NumberWorks'nWords?

When you’re weighing up tutoring choices for your child, here are some things to consider:

We're the original after-school tutoring business

NumberWorks'nWords was established in 1984 and is one of the world’s most experienced tuition providers. Educational professionals Maurice and Anne Smith, the people behind NumberWorks’nWords, are passionate about providing an essential service for students who are struggling, as well as those who need extension.

Our teaching methods are proven to work

Thousands and thousands of children have benefited from our after-school tutoring programmes. And they all add up to a truckload of evidence that the programmes really work. Because the world never stops changing, fine-tuning is happening all the time to accommodate new topics, curriculum changes and new information about how children learn. 

Our assessment process gives you an honest picture of how your child is doing

To be effective, a tutoring programme must begin with a comprehensive assessment. After the assessment, which takes up to half an hour, your child will work with a tutor on some of our learning programmes while we give you a clear picture of how your child is doing. The assessment is free and there’s no obligation to sign up for tutoring.

We set goals together with you and your child for what you would like to achieve

The goals are based on what we find from the assessment and what you and your child would like to achieve.

Your child gets an individual programme

Once we know the goals, a customised learning programme is put together. The programme will target areas of weakness and/or opportunity, as well as consolidation of fundamental skills.

You get regular progress reports

Is your investment paying off? You have a right to know! The centre manager will regularly let you know how things are going with your child. Plus you’re welcome to ask questions whenever you’re dropping off or picking up from the centre.

One-on-one tutoring and independent learning time

Tutors are always on hand to give individual instruction and help when needed. Importantly, students are also given time to work things through independently, knowing there is help available when required.

Students are rewarded for achievement

Our studies show that students work best when they concentrate in ‘bursts’, with little breaks in between, and when their progress is regularly acknowledged. Our proven in-session reward system ticks both these boxes.

Learning is enjoyable

Successful learning requires your child's full cooperation, and that's only going to happen if the NumberWorks'nWords experience is enjoyable. For younger students, we make sure learning is fun - entertainment is built into all our primary learning modules. For older students, it's less about fun and more about keeping things stimulating and interesting.

Our topics and learning strategies are compatible with the school curriculum

The experts who develop our learning programmes closely monitor what's happening in the primary and secondary education sector. At a classroom level, they know the current maths and English curriculum inside out. At a professional level, they follow new trends in teaching and recognise the impacts of government initiatives, such as national standards. You can be confident that the learning your child does at NumberWorks'nWords will dovetail perfectly with what's happening at school.

Find out how your child is doing.  Book a free assessment now.

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What people say about us

My child has struggled with Maths from day one. It is with great relief that she is now performing at an age appropriate level and more importantly is enjoying...

Jennifer M.

I'm very impressed with your tutoring staff, as a parent I really appreciate the level of communication with me...

Prue B.

I'm pleased to report my child read his first 'chapter book' today. This is a major advance for him - something I know he would have waited a lot longer to have achieved...

Kevin F.

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