Mathematics tuition

Strong maths skills are important for learning across all subject areas and are essential for career development after school.

It's our aim to provide tailored maths tuition that gives children the skills they need to work and reason with numbers. It's true that while some children need help with maths at some stage in their development, others appear born to be mathematicians. We can cater for both ends of the spectrum, and everyone in between.

Our programmes have been developed by qualified maths experts and are continually being updated. We also ensure that our teaching methods are completely compatible with those used in schools that are applying new numeracy strategies. We set individual goals and closely monitor each child's progress, keeping you informed along the way. Our maths tutors are fully trained and specialists in their field.

The success of the NumberWorks'nWords students in the classroom and in exams is proof of the effectiveness of our programmes.  Find out how your child is doing.  Book a free assessment now.

Primary School
We can help primary students to improve and extend their maths.
Secondary School
Find out how we can help secondary students to improve their maths.

Your child needs maths tuition at NumberWorks'nWords if he/she:

  • Needs to increase maths skills
  • Wants to get into or stay in the top maths group and feels a maths tutor will help
  • Needs a confidence boost before moving to a new school or sitting exams
  • Loves learning and just can't get enough
  • Can be disruptive in class or plays the class clown, to cover up for non-achievement
  • Finds the discipline of homework hard work or needs maths homework help
  • Has clear strengths, but also has weaknesses
  • Says he/she is OK, but your instincts are telling you that something's not quite right

Our programmes have been developed by qualified maths experts and are continually being updated to stay at the forefront of what your child needs. We also ensure that our teaching methods are completely compatible with those used in schools that are applying new numeracy strategies.

What you'll notice at a tutoring session

  • A busy, productive atmosphere with students and tutors all actively and happily occupied
  • An effective learning environment based on success and enjoyment
  • Students fully-engaged with their individual learning programmes
  • Tutors working with students, when one-on-one attention is required
  • Mini celebrations, as success is rewarded with certificates, treats and games
  • The manager circulating - talking with parents, tutors and students to keep everything on track


14 years old

Enrolled 2 years

Maths extension

He went into the exam feeling confident

Thomas was very focused this year on doing well in his end of year exams. Although he already had a good grasp of maths, he felt he didn't. He wanted to pass well to keep his options open for next year.

NumberWorks'nWords gave Thomas a good understanding of the curriculum and more importantly he went into the exam feeling confident that he knew the material and could give it his best shot.

We were thrilled with his results, as he was, getting 75% in IGCSE end of year maths exam.



9 years old

Enrolled 0.5 years

Maths catch-up

Amazed with Sophie's progress

A huge thank you to you and your team for the amazing work you are doing with Sophie. I picked her up from her after school care and was welcomed by a glowing smile from a proud little girl who filled me in on her exciting news. She was called up during the school assembly and given a certificate for her enthusiasm and amazing strategy skills with her math's work!

The family and I are amazed with her progress and how her positive attitude with a subject she was so far behind in 4 months or so ago.

Thank you for all you are doing, I really appreciate your work. Now we get home at the end of our day and she sits at the table while I prepare tea explaining what she has learnt and showing Mum the strategies to use for calculations etc... It is fantastic!

Our experienced tutors understand your child's needs at this time in their life; through positive reinforcement and rewards they ensure the emphasis is on success and enjoyment for your child.

Learning with us is fun, which is why our students love coming to NumberWorks'nWords!

FREE assessment

As a complimentary service to you we offer a free assessment carried out by qualified educators that will give you full clarity about where your child is at. These are free of obligation; it will be your free decision whether you wish to go ahead with tuition or not.

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What people say about us

My child has struggled with Maths from day one. It is with great relief that she is now performing at an age appropriate level and more importantly is enjoying...

Jennifer M.

I'm very impressed with your tutoring staff, as a parent I really appreciate the level of communication with me...

Prue B.

I'm pleased to report my child read his first 'chapter book' today. This is a major advance for him - something I know he would have waited a lot longer to have achieved...

Kevin F.

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