The NumberWorks@home CD is available as a free download for you to evaluate the product. The demo version will run a subset of the maths software and is restricted to the 3 times table.

If you enjoy the demo, you can obtain a serial number to unlock the full version from any of our centres.


  • NumberWorks@home will only work on Windows based PCs. It will not work on Apple computers.
Version Download link and details File Size
NumberWorks@home demo download
NumberWorks@home v1.15
(issued 9/12/2010)

  1. Download will take approximately 12 minutes for broadband users.
  2. Download will take approximately 1.5 hours on 56k dialup modem.
  3. This is the demo version which features the 3 times table.
  4. You can upgrade to the full version by obtaining a serial number from your local centre. This will unlock all the times tables, as well as all the maths software and the extra games.
25,418 Kb
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